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Specialist Repairs
Custom & Vintage Parts
Aftermarket Accessories

Custom Swaps

Engine Conversions
4x4 Conversions
Transmisison conversions

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Accessories
Lift Kits
Wheels and Tires

We are an Offroad Shop Specializing in Jeeps,
custom or stock we can take care of them all..
We Buy and Sell Jeeps and Jeep parts to
customize and personelize your Jeep...
We can build custom parts as needed and
install that custom engine swap in place of
that old 4Cyl or 6Cyl...
We are Jeep people and understand
the desires of Jeep People and most of all we are not here to just take your money and will advise you on other options you may not have considered...

Ask us about the New Dana Ultimate D44 and D60 bolt in axles for your JK or JL...

This option is bolt in and in most cases ready out of the box..


contact info and location


265 Barton Street Unit 44
Stoney Creek ON
L8E 2K4


(905) 383-5437


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